It has been my experience that finding qualified musical resources can sometimes be difficult. This page is intended to make this process easier by facilitating communication and cooperation within the Research Triangle musical community.

Here are links to web pages and email addresses for:

Pianists who specialize in accompanying/collaboration or who have significant experience as rehearsal pianists.

Voice teachers who use studio pianists, who sometimes need accompanists for recitals, auditions and competitions, or teachers who have students they wish to refer to vocal coaches.

David Heid, Please see web site for further information.

Linda Velto, Vocal coaching and accompanying, instrumental accompanying, choral accompanying, auditions, competitions, recitals, recordings, rehearsal pianist, musical theater accompanying/music directing. No work requiring improvisation or transposition.

Nancy Whelan, Instrumental, vocal and ballet accompanying, extensive musical theatre background. No improvisation or transposing.

Tricia Strong, Vocal, instrumental, and choral accompanying. Strong musical theatre background as well as classical. Also teaches voice.

Voice teachers
Catherine Charlton, Accepts adults and teens 14 and up who can read music and are interested in a classical vocal technique. See Ms. Charltons web site for further information.

Christine Weidinger, Former Metropolitan Opera and La Scala star. Seeking motivated students who want to learn classical singing technique.

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